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Monster Cafe Monster Cafe

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Not too bad of a game! It plays really well and has a gorgeous art style. I don't really know what else to add in, it's a pretty decent game with cool graphics.

I'd maybe suggest to add some things like maybe more game modes/difficulties, areas, achievements as well etc. Other than that, well done on this one ^_^

Metropolis Lux Obscura [Preview] Metropolis Lux Obscura [Preview]

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Oh man, I'm reaaally in love with this game! I just love it when game developers post demo versions of their high quality products and let the others check them out, this was a blast to play! :D

There are several things I really liked here, such as the art style with all those small effects here and there, the effect with the glow where an area gets colored when you hover it over on the black-and white map and also the different gameplay mechanics with the upgrades afterwards.

Although I see this puzzle-sliding gameplay feature in pretty much every game nowadays, it still had some cool twists to it.
Generally said, I really enjoyed this product and I'll make sure to take a look at the full version on Steam ^_^ The demo was great, and just ignore people who will (maybe) complain that it's too short, it's just about right and OK.

Keep up the sick and amazing job!! ;)

abadonna responds:

thanks, bro!

Blur Racing Blur Racing

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Holy sheep! That was intense and really cool! :D
May I ask what engine you used to make this game? I runs really smooth and well and has awesome visuals+effects on top of that.
Not much else to say, it's a really cool concept. I think you could expand it even further by maybe adding more colors and skins for your character. An online mode would be pretty nice too ^^

Fallen Kingdom | Big Update! Fallen Kingdom | Big Update!

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Finally! It's been a long time since the last release, I actually played it not to long ago, like maybe a week just to check out some of the games I commented on a while ago ; )

The setting has definitely changed a bit, but there are still some things here that were in the previous game as well:

- A bit too difficult. I like survive until Day 2, get bored and then I try to quickly run through the left forest, but there are already so many monsters that have spawned that it basically becomes impossible to advance

-Not really enough content for waiting so long. Even if there maybe is still something, it's just too hard to reach that point after fighting and waiting so much.

Try to find the perfect balance between difficulty, performance and entertainment in this game.
I'd suggest making everything a bit smoother/more responsive, lowering the difficulty a bit and adding definitely something else ( inverntory, more food, weapons, monsters, more changes throughout the day etc,) although, I personally really liked the darkening effect when you entered the forests and also the glow of the fire in the night.

Anyways, I hope you will be able to pick up some of my suggestions and expand this game further, it definitely has potential to become something awesome, but you just need to rework some aspects a bit ; )
I also definitely changed my point of view on games since I commented on this last time, saying just something like "cool game" and not any more than that xxD

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Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

The visuals in this game are really nice, but I think that the gameplay is a bit too repetitive. Good thing there are different difficulty modes, with different stages as well!
But I still think that you should add more entertainment to the entire gameplay, with maybe some bonuses or different obstacles. More things to do would also improve the overall game

l-ALONE-l responds:

Yeah, in a next update, I will do some power ups or other game modes.
thanks for comment, that helps me a lot to improve. :D

Mutant Snake Mutant Snake

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

The gameplay in this game is "relatively" smooth and gets really cool and epic later on, but there are some annoying downsides to the game:

- I would suggest to improve the graphical aspect of the game a bit. Add more details, colors, shading etc. On top of that you could maybe also introduce more levels into the game

-The game is and already looks pretty buggy, especially towards the end, when it's like insanely fast and when you once lose everything except the head and then the camera zooms out and shakes so much that you literally give up, since you're just a human, and not a robot who can work with such conditions

As annoying and stressful as it might have been, it was still really fun to hunt that 100 points achievement ( kept dying at like 91-98 ). But still, definitely consider improving the points I mentioned, to save some other achiement hunters some brain cells ;) :D

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Gravity Run Gravity Run

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Pretty cool game with a neat look ^_^ Reminds me of other mobile games that I've played

I think it needs some small features, like skins you can get, more challenging aspects or maybe even a different view everytime, something like that.

Besides that, don't really have much else to say. Pretty decent game :)

Cubito Mayhem Cubito Mayhem

Rated 5 / 5 stars

This game is insane! I just really love those fast paced games with like really crazy colors, lasers, effects and lots of action! :D
Also, awesome to see another game release from the creator of "Code Red" ;)

I think that there are several features you can add to the game that will make it even better and more addictive. Definitely consider adding some of these, since they will boost your game's entertainment aspect, more or less:

-Adding like a multiplayer OR 2-player mode ( move with arrow keys, bigger map, shoot with like L or something) would make this game awesome for playing with friends and just generally make it more fun and different.

-Something rewarding, like more stages and achievements, to keep the player interested in the game, and also expand it further, if you want that.

-Some bosses, in case you haven't added them already ( my highscore was only like 1840 )

Other than that, this is a really cool-looking and fast-paced action-shooter with lots of action and awesome effects, but I definitely think that there can be more added to it ;3

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Oultrox responds:

Thank you so much for your feedback! and don't worry, this game will be extended, I'm really glad you liked the main mechanics. <3

I would love to upload something like highscore in Newgrounds but apparently there's only API for that in flash, I'll look more into it.

GunDudes GunDudes

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Amazing game with sick graphics and very cool guns! Looks like a really well-made product, very professional.
I think that the game itself is in most of its aspects really fun, but I think you should spice it a bit up to make it more fun and addictive! I would LOVE a 2-player mode where you can also move around the area and get different weapons and so on, that would be neat

Also, more possibilities to fight, except for just simultaneously switching between left click and right click would maybe be having the player to aim with both characters at the same time and also be able to shoot at flying enemies and so on

Ok, that was my quick review for this game. Hope you'll add some points that I mentioned to the game sometime or later ^^

Nightmare Runner 2 Nightmare Runner 2

Rated 5 / 5 stars

AMAZING game with really fun and smooth gameplay, and also an epic scenery! :)
All the different monsters you can dodge, boosts you can get and so on really add lots of fun and replayability to the game. Definitely consider making a mobile version for this, it's going to be lit xD

One thing that I think can be done with this particular art style would be like adding different background colors and also some more different things to see in there. Would look even more awesome and probably make everything more fun for a longer period of time ;)

Some upgrades and skins you can add to your character would be a neat feature as well

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ClockworkMonster responds:

Yes, I have plans to make more levels with different backgrounds (and creatures on those backgrounds) in the mobile version. Even "dark" levels (take a look to my other game "Land of Darkness", it is a prototype to test that idea...).

I agree with You about the skins and upgrades. More skins for sure, upgrades are more tricky... That is something I have to study and test.

Thanks for your feedback!