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Nice work! I was looking forward to watching this - and in the end, I was quite pleased with what I saw, but also slightly... disappointed :/

First of all, I feel like this was less of a collaboration, but more like a compilation - the parts are vastly different from each other and while it was cool to see various art styles throughout the entire video, it highlighted the strong parts of the collaboration and also made the "weaker" parts look worse in comparison to them - due to either having a much shorter duration, absence of audio, whackier visuals or just a somewhat lame joke-

Each part was pretty good in its own right (and some were phenomenal, like I definitely must mention the excellent work which was done on the PeronaxZoro 3D animation part, animation-wise, length-wise and humor-wise, that moment with Zoro having traumtic flashbacks about the training with Mihawk and Perona's Chucky doll were fantastic - and also the fight between Luffy, Franky and Lucci, everything was well-done - the final "Luffy wants to be a pirate" animation made me crack up with Shanks answer to Luffy having stabbed himself through the head), but deep down, I wished for there to be more of a quality standard in here just to ensure that the parts which are somewhat worse than the others do not get downplayed too much - and it would have also been neat to see the parts be more tied to each other story-wise so there is a better flow of action throughout the collaboration, like, there is one part which has some really cool action going, and then another animation with a whack joke comes next and disrupts it :/

I hope I could help you all out with this constructive criticism - keep up the strong collaboration game and - just as Luffy who's looking for the One Piece - never give up! :D
I was originally going to briefly write my opinion for every single part, but refrained from doing so, since it was a little bit tricky to identify who did what exactly and I would also have to abide by the principle "if you are gonna do one, you gotta do them all" - if you want some opinion on your part in particular, message me and I'll happily let you know what I thought of it ^__^

Wondeful and incredibly well-executed animation! I absolutely LOVE when things are all happy at first and then they suddenly shift to a much darker and more sinister tone and this was done here perfectly.

The art style is very crisp & clean and represents the environment of the little runmo really well: flashy and colorful on the surface, and dark and gruesome on the bottom. On top of that, the animations are top-notch! The sounds along with the music also did an excellent job on conveying the inteded feeling of the athmosphere.

Overall, this was amazing to watch and it perfectly represents what Newgrounds is all about: Flashy and bizarre animations with a comedic and/or sinister feel to them, along with some elements which sometimes add some sort of life purpose to them or somethin'.

Perfect job! It's as if I'd stumbed upon a gold mine! :^)

Hahaha, this is incredible! I watched this with the widest grin ever! The idea of combining the nostalgic cartoon Spongebob with anime sounds ridiculous at first, but it works perfectly well here, and the plot even got me hooked!

It's made incredibly well - the sounds are on top, the voices are fantastic and the visual art style along with the animation is amazing! I also fell in love with that opening, it made me chuckle and got my hyped at the same time! :D

I can't even imagine the amount of work this took to make... all for more or less a joke in the end xD But I LOVE where this is going! There's a lot of potential judging by the current plot and the characters in the opening ;^)

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You have been one of my favorite video game creators on Newgrounds for a while now: your games are so creative and detailed, it's mind-blowing how you manage to pull that off xD Every game feels so unique, yet similar, it's like you have the Midas touch for flashy and fast-paced shooter games! :D
My only complaint is that the game is running a bit slow on my computer and that made the boss battle really difficult for me :/ Nevertheless, this has been an awesome and very fun gaming experience, I'm very glad that I have gotten to play this! ;^)

RatThing responds:

Aw, Thanks! Was happy to see you'd reviewed another one of my games.

Sorry it runs like butt on your PC. I've been looking to move away from Unity, it's way too heavy-weight for making simple web games like this.

Wow, I'm happy to have stumbled upon this unique game! I adore the story aspect of the game, it makes up for the rather simplistic gameplay. I can instantly tell it's a quality game, everything feels very polished and the game also gives off that creepy vibe despite not being inherently scary, it's like you're all by yourself on this "Erebos" spaceship and there's something lurking in there. I only got one of the six endings (namely the fourth one) and I'll definitely look forward to getting to the other ones as well, this game is really fun and interesting!

If I were to suggest you anything to improve on the game, then that'd be making the areas look more distinctive from one another, since I sometimes was a bit lost and unsure where to go in order to continue, since everything looked quite similar, but the signs with the ship departments were a great help. You could also maybe improve the game art-wise slightly and add more animation, but I can tell that the main focus here is the story and the tension so you did what you had to do very well ^_^
Also, lots of bonus points for creating the game using open-source software like Godot and Aseprite! I picked those two up some time ago and am having lots of fun working with them ;^)

Well... ;D

This is a quite straight-forward and simplistic game, but I like the fine details added, like the crunchy sound effects along with the gun shots. I think the game could be spiced up more by adding more guns, mechanics, gimmics etc. It's quite neat but I feel like more could be added to it ^_^

Nevertheless, it was fun trying this out : )

MadNukin responds:

Yeah more guns more fun, I completely agree.

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No way!! I can't believe you're back after all those years... Coincidentally, I happened to re-listen some of your classics yesterday after not hearing your music for a long time... And then I was sad and thinking "Oh man, it's so sad that this talented musician hasn't been active in years... I hope he's still doing well..."
One day later, look where we are now. You've made a heroic comeback with this sick tine right here! So happy to see you back, Dimrain47! I hope you wont disappear At The Speed Of Light... that'd be terrible.

What a lovely song! ;D I love Taylor Swift's voice in this, it adds a very nice touch!
But much more importantly, I recognize the melody instantly as of your music style and it's just incredible, I really like how energetic and unique your soundtracks sound.
The drops are really powerful.

Other than that, I've adored that! Keep up the awesome job! ^_^

This is heaven to my ears :3 I love your music style, it's very uplifting and "magical" ;^D
This soundtrack makes me feel like I'm having the best day of my life, and I'm jumping out of an airplane, soaring through the sky, being able to watch the sparkling stars in the night sky and see glowing night cities hundreds of meters beneath me. In other words, it feels like heaven :D

Keep making such awesome! I'd be amazing if you posted more of your tracks on Newgrounds. They're the drug that my ears desire.

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This looks INSANE! The colors used are gorgeous and there's an incredible amount of detail.
The shooting stars which appear for a few glimpses make this look that much more mesmerizing. I also like the windmills, lighthouse and the transmitter tower in the background, they add more to the already awesome-looking scenery! ^_^

This art-piece is looking gorgeous! The galaxy in the background has very fine details and I love this effect of the comets appearing briefly!
The general purple-pink-orange color palette is great as well. I also like those buildings in the distance, they look intriguing.
I feel like the foreground could use a bit more details, compared to that beautiful night sky, it seems somewhat bland. But overall, this is an awesome scenery! ;D

Kldpxl responds:

Thanks! I appreciate the feedback.

I've been browsing through a number of your art submissions and then I saw all the talent you have for pixel art ! I love all of your illustrations, they are all very vibrant with colors and have some really nice views.
While most of them feature beautfiul sunsets and cityscapes, there are also some which showcase mountains, a cave, the sea... Your imagination for all kinds of scapes knows no limit :D

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)




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